Short Course Program

Short courses Program

IMI intends to have vocational skills in areas that will primarily target the youth who have not gone for formal education and students from other tertiary institutions who desire to acquire functional and marketable skills. The areas to be considered will include;

  1. Vocational Courses
  2. Tailoring and Fashion Design
  3. Hair Dressing and Saloon
  4. Cookery and Bakery
  5. Computer Repair
  6. Website Design & Maintenance

All these skills will be considered, however gradually. These vocational short course plans will take a period not exceeding Six (6) Months each or less depending on the area chosen. We shall always keep you updated, Contact Us for more Info.

Short courses and fees

Short Course Name Duration (Months) Fees Amount Study Period
IT/Computer Basics 1 UGX 120,000 Weekdays/Weekends
Website Designing 2 UGX 250,000 Regular/Weekends
CISCO - CCNA 4 UGX 420,000 Regular/Weekends
IT Essentials 1 UGX 220,000 Regular/Weekends
Accounting Basics 1 UGX 120,000 Weekend Only
Accounting Packages 2 UGX 220,000 Weekend Only
Monitoring & Evaluation 1 UGX 220,000 Weekend Only
Project Management 2 UGX 220,000 Weekend Only

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