Certificate Program

Certificate Programs

Informatics management Institute (IMI) designed certificate programs to cater for all career needs of the community. Each certificate program below is independent and takes a duration of two years - with four academic semester. To make the students more competitive each certificate student will be required to take a two months internship training before finally completing. Students are encouraged to upgrade to Diploma to acquire more knowledge, it may not be immediate but its necessary.

Certificate in Information Technology - (CIT)

The Certificate in Information Technology is designed to act as a bridge to higher computing and other business qualifications and it provides you with a solid foundation to enter a career in business computing. Improve your computer literacy and maths, as well as your communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and study skills. It further introduces students to a solid background in current software applications.

Certificate in Business Administration - (CBA)

The Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) is a flexible program with a diverse range of courses so you can tailor your business education to fit your needs. In this certificate program, you’ll get a thorough grounding in the important aspects of business management and fine-tune your leadership skills. We will explore the key elements common to all businesses including accounting, finance, legal, human resources, marketing, and some maths. Further, you will gain insight on how to increase productivity, craft strategy and develop and implement effective business plans.

Certificate in Records & Archives Management - (CRA)

This Certificate program provides students with the basic principles and practices to work in records and information management and archives. Records and information management programs provide control of information from creation to storage and distribution. Currently there is a gap in professionals who can handle and manage records and archives. Therefore this program will be beneficial to all prospective students.

Certificate in Public Relations Management - (CPR)

This two year certificate provides learners with clear and engaging contentin the area of human resource and public relations. You’ll explore various methods for distributing your message, including traditional and digital media, social networks, corporate communications, events and speaking engagements. You will also gain the latest knowledge and abilities to help you navigate this role with confidence and professionalism.

Certificate in Procurement & Logistics - (CPL)

This certificate in procurement and logistics management provides you with an in-depth understanding of procurement, stores management, transportation and shipping, inventory planning and contract management. This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks. You will be able to develop the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.

Higher Education Certificate(HEC)

Many students are dropping out of school when they realize that their dreams have not come to maturity due to failure to score the required grades and or points. This failure to score anticipated grades has also made such students fail to fit into the society, hence causing rural to urban migration that heap a lot of pressure to urban resources and sometimes becomes a basis for criminals. Higher education certificate is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of students and prepare them for their dream academic and professional careers. The programme takes only one year for a student to complete. This programme is designed with courses got from three areas of humanities, business and science and technology. However we zero down on two areas of study, which is Science and Arts. The students will share their first semester and then separate in their second semester to concentrate in their major areas.

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