Management & Business Studies

Department of Business Studies

Department of Management & Business Studies :

In this department, students are taught how to develop fundamental business skills. The programmmes also introduce students to concepts in managing business development, operations, accounting, financial management and human resources. All Diploma and Certificate programmes take a duration of two year.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this programme students should be able to;

  • Make financial decision that can positively grow business venture.
  • Write a business financial statement for both large and small scale business.
  • Analyze any financial and business investments decisions.
  • Use the acquired skills and knowledge to start up business ventures.
  • Market the services of a given business.
  • Communicate better to the clients and other people for better business relations.
  • Manage finances for business growth.
Diploma in Accounting & Finance (DAF)
Diploma in Business Management & Administration
Certificate in Business Administration (CBA)
Certificate in Procurement & Logistics Management (CPL)
Accounting Basics
Weekend Only
Accounting Packages
Weekend Only
Monitoring & Evaluation
Weekend Only
Project Management
Weekend Only

Diploma in Accounting & Finance (DAF)

  • To promote good accounting and finance management principles.
  • To teach techniques of financial decision making in private and public sector.
  • To promote small businesses in managing and understanding income and expenditure accounting.
  • To support small scale businesses with skilled and knowledge man power who can promote accountability business growth.

Diploma in Business Management & Administration

  • To encourage the students to start their own businesses and promote economical growth.
  • To emphasize skills that are required for better business management and administration
  • To promote young entrepreneurs both within the country and across borders.

Certificate in Business Administration

  • To introdiue learners to business management techniques.
  • To promote proper business administration in SMEs
  • To promote innovative skills for business sustainability

Certificate in Logistics and Management

  • To promote professional procurement procedures in all businessees
  • To encourage inventory and proper logistics management
  • To promote tracking and fleet management skills.

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